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You'vE BEEn AgEs.什么意思


嘿嘿~我找到这句话了 这个人说:哦,PETER,你在这儿呢!你让我等得好苦!(根据下文看,对方等了他半个小时)什么事情让你忙这么久?

Oh,Peter,there you are.You've been ages.What kept you so long?(这是刚...哦~皮特,你(终于)来了.好多年没看见你了,搞什么鬼去了?原文口气比较年轻人...

W:Oh,Peter, there you are.You've been ages.What kept you so long?M:...什么耽搁了你那么久?M:很抱歉迟到了,Sally。你等很久了吧?意译的哈,放在语言...

4. W: Haven't seen you for ages. ___M: I've been in California for the past month. A. What are you up to recently? B. How soon will you...


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